Objektnummer:VP 4323726
Motiv:Hohlweg, Waldweg in Schnakenbek, Elbe, Schleswig-Holstein
Beschreibung:VP 4323726,
D-Schnakenbek, Elbe, Schleswig-Holstein, Hohlweg, Waldweg, Strasse, Pfad, Fusspfad, Fussweg, Wanderweg, Spazierweg, wandern, spazieren gehen, Spaziergang im Wald, Freizeit, Freizeitbeschaeftigung, Freizeitgestaltung, Hobby, Liebhaberei, Genuss, geniessen, Urlaub, Ruhe, ausruhen, Entspannung, entspannen, Erholung, erholen, Unterhaltung, Wohlbefinden, wohlfuehlen, wohl fuehlen, Wald, Waldgebiet, Waldlandschaft, Baum, Baeume, D-Schnakenbek, Elbe, Schleswig-Holstein, street, narrow pass, path, footpath, walk, walking, stroll, walk in the wood, hiking trail, free time, leisure time, hobby, as a hobby for pleasure, leisure-time activity, leisure-time activities, pleasure, delight, enjoy, holidays, vacation, rest, relax, relaxing, relaxation, recreation, diversion, well-being, feel fine, be happy, wood, forest, woodland, wooded area, tract of forest, forestal landscape, tree, trees,
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