Objektnummer:VP 4323724
Motiv:Alte Salzstrasse in Schnakenbek, Elbe, Schleswig-Holstein
Beschreibung:VP 4323724,
D-Schnakenbek, Elbe, Schleswig-Holstein, Alte Salzstrasse, Hohlweg, Waldweg, Strasse, Pfad, Fusspfad, Fussweg, Wanderweg, Spazierweg, wandern, spazieren gehen, Spaziergang im Wald, Freizeit, Freizeitbeschaeftigung, Freizeitgestaltung, Hobby, Liebhaberei, Genuss, geniessen, Urlaub, Ruhe, ausruhen, Entspannung, entspannen, Erholung, erholen, Unterhaltung, Wohlbefinden, wohlfuehlen, wohl fuehlen, Wald, Waldgebiet, Waldlandschaft, Baum, Baeume, D-Schnakenbek, Elbe, Schleswig-Holstein, Historic Salt Road, street, narrow pass, path, footpath, walk, walking, stroll, walk in the wood, hiking trail, free time, leisure time, hobby, as a hobby for pleasure, leisure-time activity, leisure-time activities, pleasure, delight, enjoy, holidays, vacation, rest, relax, relaxing, relaxation, recreation, diversion, well-being, feel fine, be happy, wood, forest, woodland, wooded area, tract of forest, forestal landscape, tree, trees,
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